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Mariyah Saalih's hot and steamy sexy romance story

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Harem Girl, a harem girl's story, is a passionate story told through the eyes of a love slave, a sensual adult story of erotic romance set, where else, but in an Arabian sheik's harem.
Boldly written, it daringly takes the sexy harem romance novel beyond where most writers of this genre have gone. A lifelike tale, so much so that you feel...imagine...you could be the beautiful slave girl Sapphira, sharing her joy, trepidation, and tears (she is savagely caned and branded at one point) as she is taught the submissive ways of the harem, and ultimately, how she cautiously learns to bend to the intimidating lust of the sheik.

Harem Girl book

The story is the memoirs of Mariyah El-Abiad (in the harem she is given the name Sapphira) a disenchanted muslim who devises a dangerous and deceitful plan to visit and stay for a short time in an Arabian sheik's harem although she is married to another man.

But things go wrong - her plans are ruined by a scheming rival sheik - and she becomes entrapped in his harem unable to return home.

Early in the book she tells of the explicitly upsetting things she is taught to do, while naked under the watchful eyes of a eunuch, before being presented to her master and taken to his bed as his new harem love slave. She accepts - for a while - the lustful demands that uncaring sheik masters imposed on their sex slaves, all as a backdrop to a highly charged sexy fantasy that later evolves into a tender romantic story with emphasis on the sensual sexy side of harem life.

The 1001 Arabian Nights story revisited! A classical best selling exposé of the secret life behind the veil.

Classical orientalist paintings of harem life gave inspiration for, and confirmed, that many of the customs and events believably happened. Here, some of these paintings and sketches are used to guide a tour through the book.

Clicking on Pick a Chapter Picture Gallery will start you on a review whereby you can go from one of the illustrations to the chapter that was inspired or influenced by the painting or sketch or go straight to a chapter by clicking on the "Read more..." button.
(Please note: some of the illustrations used in this online review appear only in the ebook versions, it not being possible to include art work between the covers of the paperback version.)

Authors comments:

I wrote Harem Girl after considerable study of past and present Middle East harems and a visit to the Moorish Alhambra Palace in Grenada, Spain, so while the story is fiction, it is laid over revealing fact. You may find some of the customs shocking, but they are true and commonly practiced both then and secretly today. After all, the sheik master had total power over his harem girls, he didn't have to seduce or convince them to let him have his way — he took what he wanted when he wanted — revealing what men desire and take, when nothing is in the way to stop them!

Furthermore, when I read erotic harem stories I expect more than shallow hints of what goes on when the sheik takes his chosen girls to the bedchamber and the huge doors close behind them. I don't know about you, but with other books I always felt let down and hanging as rarely was there much, if any, interesting or believable dialog and I always wanted to go further and learn more about what really went on behind closed bedchamber doors.

Well, I tell you everything, uncensored, yet wrapped in a romantic love story that puts this harem novel clearly in the class of erotic love stories. If you are looking for in-your-face pornography this is not for you. If you are looking for romantic stories with a good dose of hot and steamy sex then this is a book for you. And yes guys, there is just as much if not more in it for you too!

Read this book to yourself or with your lover. Sapphira's sexy story will curl your toes and disturb the sensual side of you in a pleasing way. (I can almost guarantee that your sex life will improve after reading!)
Not daring enough to read it to your lover? Then leave it open at your favorite page for him or her to find. Lovers understand.

If you enjoy erotic stories about desert sheiks and harems you will not be disappointed! However, note the sensible warning on the back cover:- "A book recommended for the mature and broad minded - not for teenage daughters," or your mother I may add! It is sensually erotic in parts, a conversation piece for sure, but a tastefully written book you will be pleased to own.

Readers who are fans of writers E L James - Fifty Shades of Grey, Bertrice Small - Love Slave, A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) - The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, and Beauty's Release) and Harlequin Novels etc. will likely find Harem Girl one of the most captivating of harem stories.

Mariyah Saalih


(c) Copyright 2004 and 2011 Mariyah Saalih


This e-book review falls into the category of literotica or erotic romance literature. A hot and steamy story about slave girls and a sheik in a romantic 1001 Arabian Nights setting. For adventurous adult readers only as it takes you beyond your normal Harlequin romance novel.

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